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Enemy Information
Type Monster


Games Fable
Fable: The Lost Chapters
First Appearance The Arena
Related Quests The Arena (Quest)

Arachanox was a giant Scorpion held in captivity to fight in The Arena. Defeating it in battle grants the Hero a trophy, the "King Scorpion Stinger".


Little is known about Arachanox's past. It may have been bred from captivity, or captured from the wilderness (in which case there are most certainly others like it, unseen in-game). It is slain by The Hero.


Arachanox is the second-to-last enemy that the Hero fights in the "Arena" quest. Killing it is required to continue the game.


Arachanox possesses the ability to burrow underground at great speeds. When it does so, approximately half a dozen standard Scorpions appear in its place. Arachanox can also charge forward extremely fast, and damages anything it hits when doing so. It also can attack by thrusting its stinger into the ground, which causes a projectile to move through the earth, causing great damage on impact.


The only vulnerable body part on Arachanox is its one glowing green eye. It takes several seconds to aim its stinger attack, during which time the eye is vulnerable to attack. Whisper also tries to attack the monster; however, she does minimal damage.


Name Health Experience Renown Strengths Weaknesses
Arachanox 7,000 200 300 Most Everything Sharpening, Piercing Augmentation


  • Upon meeting Briar Rose in Bowerstone South's tavern, she will have several of her Trophies out on display. One of the trophies are identical to the King Scorpion's Sting obtained by the Hero of Oakvale upon defeating Arachanox. This strengthens the theory that Arachanox is one of many.
  • Another version of the Scorpion King trophy can be found in the game files that is just referred to as Claw and looks similar, but has different features to the one used in the retail game.
  • A Scorpion Queen can also be found in the game files and goes unused. It is believed that it was intended for the Guild Training segment of the game, before it was removed and replaced with beetles.