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Animal Liberation
Animal Liberation.jpg
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Masquerade
Succeeding None
Start Millfields
End Millfields
Reward 5 Guild Seals

Animal Liberation is a side quest in Fable III.


After finishing The Masquerade you will find this quest at the other side of Bower Lake. Upon accepting Katie's quest, she gives you the Factory Gate key which allows you to open one of the locked gates in Bowerstone Industrial; once you unlock the gate to the factory you will find that you will have to fight some mercenaries and pull a lever to open the door to the factory. After pulling the last lever in the factory the chicken cages open up and the chickens escape, after doing so you must return to Katie to finish the quest. Some time later, a new stall will open up near the Millfields Demon Door and Katie's home.


Break into the pie factory and release the caged animals.


You have freed all those innocent animals and now Katie can look after them. Shame about the impending pie shortage, but there's always tofu, right?


  • If you kick a chicken into the river it will just simply respawn in front of you instead of dying.
  • In the factory, if you go up to the chickens whilst they are still in their cages then you can hear them singing the children's nursery rhyme 'The Farmer in the Dell'.


  • There is a glitch on the 360 where you will not be able to interact with the lever after defeating the mercenaries. Your dog will keep growling even though there are no more enemies, therefore not letting you access the lever to get into the factory. (One can get around this problem by saving, exiting to the dashboard, and re-entering the game for both levers, but this may not always work.)
  • An alternate solution to the aforementioned glitch: This sort of problem occurs when enemies are wrongly spawned; in the walls, on the other side of doors etc. This can be solved by using magic near the doors in the facility, (upon doing so, the voices of two mercenaries will be heard). The two missing mercenaries can be dispatched by casting two to four fully charged spells.
  • Another glitch may occur if the game freezes during one of the two battles. When you must power off and restart there are twice as many enemies present. To solve this double opponent problem go to the Road to Rule after reloading and the battles will be normal again.

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