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An Island Getaway
Type Side Quest
Preceding Pest Control
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Market
End Driftwood
Reward 5 Guild Seals
500 Gold

An Island Getaway is a quest in Fable III. It becomes available after the first stage of developments in Driftwood are completed.


Meet Rusty at The Cock in the Crown in Bowerstone Market. Take his hand and lead him out of Bowerstone Market and then to Millfields. On your way to Driftwood, you'll have to fight three or four groups of mercenaries. Depending upon one's "Hero Level", this seemingly small quest can prove to be difficult: grenadier or bombardier heavy-infantry type mercenaries and Saker-like Mercenary-Commanders may be part of these fights, where the enemy appearance is instantaneously rapid; thus "Summon Creature" potions are highly recommended - higher-tier Hero Level practically requires this method, as the Hero and Rusty are swarmed lightning-like and even sanguineous weapons will require multiple shots to take down any elite mercenary, whose fighting style includes very resilient, clever blocking, varieties of fire-bombing and aggressive gladiatorial sword-fighting. For obvious reasons Fast-Travel to Millfields, Silverpines and Driftwood are blocked upon accepting the quest. When you arrive at the first island, the quest will be completed. Rusty claims he will invest the rest of his money in Driftwood. Return at a later time to see what he has done.


A gambler has lost his fortune and wants you to escort him to the safety of Driftwood before the debt collectors find him.


Rusty lives to chase his losses another day.


Sometimes, a glitch will occur where you cannot take Rusty's hand. If this happens, turn off your console and load a previous save, hopefully eliminating the problem. Doing a nice expression to him and accepting the relationship quest will render the glitch invalid as well.


  • This could be a reference to the movie A Perfect Getaway.
  • Though Gift Wood for Driftwood mostly completes the island settlement, this quest must be completed in order to access the Gold Key because of the Flit Switch being out of reach until Rusty's house and business are completed.

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