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Fable 2 Amethyst
Type Gift
Effects Able to charm the person it is given to.
Source See below for game specific info
Base value 250 - 1,600 gold
Stars 2stars

Amethyst is a gift that appears in many of the games in the Fable series.

Fable: The Lost Chapters Edit

Amethyst appears only in Fable: The Lost Chapters, not in the original release of Fable. Due to its rarity and high value, the amethyst has the most significant impact of all the gifts in the game.

  • Base Value: 1,600 gold
  • Description: The rarest and most valuable gem in Albion.

Acquisition Edit

Amethysts are only found in three spots of the Northern Wastes.

  1. Found in a barrel in a barn (in Snowspire Village).
  2. Found in a grave (also in Snowspire village, near the tavern within the small graveyard).
  3. Found in 'The Lost Bay' Silver Key chest.

Fable II Edit

The value of the amethyst has dropped significantly in Fable II due to discovery of large deposits.

  • Base Value: 400 gold
  • Stars: 2stars
  • Poshness: 10.0%
  • Friendliness: 20.0%
  • Description: An inexpensive but lovely gem. It was said to be a favourite among Old Kingdom maidens, but the recent discovery of large deposits has lowered its value.

Acquisition Edit

Amethysts can be purchased at most gift shops or found in dig and dive spots.

Fable III Edit

Amethyst makes another appearance in Fable III as a gift. Due to the changes made in the gifting system, it is rare that your Hero will be able to gift it to a villager.

There is another variant of amethyst in Fable III, called Rare Amethyst. It is one of the seven rare trade items that exist and fetches a higher price at the pawnbroker, especially if it is not one of the four associated with your Gamertag.

  • Base Value: 250 gold
  • Description: This is a common gem. You can sell it for profit at a pawnbroker or use it as a gift

Acquisition Edit

Amethysts can be found at random in chests or dig and dive spots. They may also be received as gifts from villagers and family members.

Notes Edit

  • The Hammerthyst, a legendary weapon in Fable II, has a head made of this gem.
  • Both the former rarity and the large drop in value of the amethyst in Albion mirrors the history of the amethyst in our world. Before the discovery of extensive deposits in the 19th century, amethyst was considered one of the most valuable gemstones.
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