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Amanda Grey
Species Ghost (previously Human)
Gender Female
Relatives Elvira Grey (Younger Sister)
Home The Grey House, on the border of the Barrow Fields and Darkwood
Relationships Rhodri (Boyfriend)
First Appearance Fable (mentioned only)
Last Appearance Fable: The Lost Chapters (as a ghost)
Status Deceased
"When the air ran out, I closed my eyes and imagined I was dying in his arms."
— Amanda regarding Rhodri

Amanda Grey was the sister of Elvira Grey, who murdered Amanda simply for the Mayorship of Bowerstone. You will encounter her ghost during the Investigating the Mayor quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters.


Amanda Grey grew up in the Grey House, on the border of the Barrow Fields and Darkwood. When she was fully grown, she was supposed to inherit the title of Mayor of Bowerstone, but Jack of Blades convinced Amanda's sister, Elvira, to murder Amanda, and become the Mayor of Bowerstone instead of her. This was because both believed Amanda was too "kind hearted" to lead the city. Elvira took Amanda to the basement of the Grey House, one day, and locked the cellar doors. Amanda suffocated in the basement, and her corpse was found by the Hero of Oakvale years later, along with a letter she wrote, proving Elvira's evil deeds.

Fable: The Lost Chapters[]

When you go down in the cellar for the first time, Amanda mistakes you for her boyfriend, Rhodri. She reveals that she had prayed that he would rescue her, but claims Rhodri never came. Amanda tells the Hero of Oakvale that when the air ran out, she had closed her eyes, and imagined that she was dying in the arms of her boyfriend. Sadly saying that she will never see her boyfriend again, Amanda exposes that her sister has taken everything.

Amanda urgently tells the Hero that he must know the truth about Elvira Grey, and requests him to take a letter, to show the world what had really happened. As she fades, her sister enters the cellar, referring to Amanda as a weak, romantic fool, claiming that she would have made Bowerstone a horrible place. The Hero may choose whether to give her the letter and marry her, or expose the murder to the world.

It is also possible to marry Lady Grey before, if you do not speak to the prisoner and continue to court Lady Grey and marry, and THEN take the 'Investigate the Mayor' quest. Follow Rhodri's instruction and Amanda will guide you to the cellar as usual with instructions to show the letter to the world. As soon as the Hero collects the letter, Lady Grey will immediately reprimand the Hero for sneaking behind her back and take the letter. Making the quest impossible to complete.