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Allen murray.jpg
Allen Murray
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Westcliff
Relationships Mad-dog 'The Strangler' McGraw (Fellow Crucible Commentator, Friend
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive

Allen Murray is a character in Fable II who serves as a commentator at The Crucible in Westcliff.

Along with his friend and former Crucible-champion Mad-dog 'The Strangler' McGraw, Allen Murray stands vigilant by Westcliff's popular arena, judging would-be contestants and commenting on the actions of those who make it into the arena. He is also said to have the most beloved voice in all of Albion.

The Hero of Bowerstone first meets Allen Murray upon entering Westcliff with Hammer after narrowly escaping Lilith's trap in the Howling Halls. Depending on the renown of the Hero, Allen may outright reject the Hero of Bowerstone as unworthy of the Crucible. When the Hero returns with more renown, Allen Murray lets them in go in alone, barring Hammer from the contest after she makes fun of him and Mad-dog. He then proceeds to perform his act, offering humourous commentary as the Hero fights through the Crucible.

If the Hero decides to run through the Crucible again, Allen will eagerly let them through and continues to offer up his commentary. If the Hero helps Barnum with his real-estate development scheme in the Westcliff Development quest, Barnum retains Allen's services, claiming that he and Mad-dog are both "great commentators."


  • Murray claims that he is 'a lovable personality'; however, at the end of the Crucible he is much less sensitive than Mad-Dog about the chances of the Hero returning.
  • During the rounds, he makes humourous comments, such as:
    • "Don't look into the abyss!" "Why, does it suck out your soul?" "No, but if you're anything like me, you'll get a bit queasy."
    • "My goodness! Somebody's made a great big hole in the ground!"
    • "Did they call you 'Mad-Puppy' back then? Oh come on, dog, puppy,.... No...?"
    • "That spell hit exactly where he/she wanted it... where he/she willed it, you might say."
  • Allen Murray could also be a play on the name of the comedian Al Murray "The Pub Landlord", a British entertainer. It is also possible that it is a reference to fast-talking British Formula One commentator Murray Walker.
  • Allen Murray is actually the name of one of the Producers of Halo 3, who won the chance to have a character named after him via the Child's Play charity auction.