Albion Way
Coastal Highway
FableTJ Albion Way
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests Learning the Ropes
The Storm
NPCs Katlan
Exits Fairwood
Reaver's Reach

The Albion Way is a major coastal highway featured in Fable: The Journey. It connects the lands of the North to Albion by way of Reaver's Reach. The road primarily runs through the Edgelands, but both Bowerstone and The Spire are visible from it.

Kerr's Halt Edit

FableTJ Kerr's Halt
Kerr's Halt is a small meadow located off of the Albion Way. It is here where Katlan first meets Gabriel in Fable: The Journey, caring for his horse, Seren.

Reaver's Reach Edit

FableTJ Reaver's Reach

Reaver's Reach is a large bridge that carries the Albion Way across the River Ironwash, connecting the Edgelands to Albion. It covers the gap between the regions of Fairwood and Shalefields, and marks the eastern end of Deepgorge.

History Edit

Reaver Industries constructed the bridge in the hope of profiting from the tourist traffic leaving Albion for the North. The construction of the bridge greatly reduced journey times, but in doing so isolated many of the communities in the Edgelands that profited from the passing trade.

The Journey Edit

On the way to Shalefields, Gabriel gets separated from his Dweller tribe when a bolt of lightning destroys the bridge, cutting him off.

Trivia Edit

  • Alongside the road, Gabriel will encounter Benny the Magnificent, a travelling fortune teller who, if Gabriel decides to stop for him, will tell Gabriel's future.
  • According to a developer at Lionhead Studios, "some artistic licence" was required for Bowerstone to be visible from the Albion Way, as Rookridge and Oakfield would geographically be in the way. [1]
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