The Albion Historical Restoration Society (A.H.R.S.) is a society which aims to restore historical sites or landmarks found throughout Albion in Fable III. The society is referred to in the quest Restoration by the society's president, Griffith Smith. In the quest, the society wishes to restore "The Old Bridge" in Millfields which leads to the Gypsy Camp. This landmark is chosen for its historical significance, due to the association between the Gypsy Camp and the Hero of Bowerstone. Should the Hero of Brightwall give Griffith Smith a donation of gold, the overjoyed Griffith proclaims that they will use the money to finish the bridge, giving the Hero a chance to admire it and even cross it. Doing so enables the Hero to found the community of Driftwood.

Notable MembersEdit

Griffith Smith - President

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