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Albert the Luminous
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Oakfield
Bowerstone Market - The Luminous Lodge (Previously)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Deceased

Albert the Luminous was the founder of The Temple of Light.


Albert the Luminous originally lived in Bowerstone Market in the Luminous Lodge. This period was a dark phase in his life and it brought him to the brink of despair. He left on a pilgrimage to bring light back into his life. When he came to a poor and unhappy region known as Oakfield, he decided to commit suicide. He went into a deep cave, the Wellspring Cave, where deep inside the Light spoke to him, granting him the first Golden Acorn to plant. The Golden Oak was born and gave clean air and plentiful harvests to the Oakfield peasants. Soon after, he founded the Temple of Light. The people gave him the Luminous Cottage in gratitude. It was in Oakfield that he finally died.


  • Albert the Luminous's well-maintained grave can be found in the Oakfield Graveyard.