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Ages of Skill Potion
Ages of Skill Potion.JPG
Type Potion
Effects Gives Skill experience.
Source See below
Base value 300 gold

The Ages of Skill Potion is a potion that increases your Skill experience in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Using this potion grants the user a base amount of Skill experience. In Fable, it gives 100 Skill experience points. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, this is increased to 1,000 (Equipping a weapon with an Experience Augmentation will increase this amount). This base amount is then multiplied by the player's current Combat Multiplier. For example, in Fable, drinking this potion with a combat multiplier of five would yield 500 Skill experience points. In The Lost Chapters, this same combat multiplier would yield 5,000 Skill experience. Therefore, it's best to use this potion after or during combat, and to try to attain the highest combat multiplier possible beforehand.


This potion increases your Skill experience.


Ages of Skill potions can be found in the following locations:


  • It is recommended to save this potion (and the Ages of Might Potion and Ages of the Will Potion equivalents) until you have a good combat multiplier. By using the spell Physical Shield and doing the Lychfield Graveyard missions you can easily get upwards of 40000 Experience if you kill enough Undead.
  • Early on in the game, you can use the previous method in the Hobbe Caves. Be careful though, as your multiplier might not get higher than 25 (yielding 25000 Experience).
  • The best way to get a high combat multiplier is by killing a dense pack of enemies (villager glitch in boasting area, hobbe killing contest, the arena) and then spamming force push into their dead bodies. This will continue to ramp up your combat multiplier even if they are dead. Combine it with physical shield to prevent it from going down and you will get massive numbers.

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