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A Lost Romance
Type Side Quest
Preceding Kidnapped
Succeeding None
Start Bowerstone Industrial
End Bowerstone Industrial

A Lost Romance is a quest in Fable III. Around three days after completing the Kidnapped quest (if you chose Elise/Elliot to live in the start of the game), you are able to get back Elise/Elliot if you told them to dump Laszlo/Linda. If you let them stay together, then the quest will not happen. Note that to start this quest you must have the Family Pack unlocked on the Road to Rule. You can either fast travel or run to meet Elise/Elliot outside the Orphanage where she/he will imply that you should propose. If you already have a ring then you can propose to them right there; if you don't they will say that you need one and the quest line will remain active until you propose "properly".


  • If you had Elise/Elliot killed at the beginning of the game, you will not be able to get this quest from Gerald/Geraldine, the option is altered to only cause them to break up with their fiancée.
  • If you have completed Kidnapped and opened the Road to Rule Family Pack before becoming monarch, this quest may not be available after the Coronation.
    • The quest will however become available if you open the Road to Rule Family Pack after becoming monarch, provided you have previously completed Kidnapped as well.
  • This quest does not appear in the quest list. To find the quest, you can find Elise/Elliot in front of the orphanage/brothel in Bowerstone Industrial.
  • If Elise/Elliot are not found in front of the orphanage, they may be found in The Riveter's Rest.
  • If you propose to Elise/Elliot without a ring they will decline the proposal on that basis. This will keep the quest line active even after your coronation. To do this you need to ensure you do not have a wedding ring in your inventory when you propose.


  • Elise/Elliot may not be found in the front of the orphanage or in the pub. Instead, they will not be able to be found in the game, although the quest marker will still be shown on the map.
  • There may be two Elise/Elliots. When the quest says to marry them, it may not show to marry them.
  • There is a glitch that may occur when playing co-op with a Hero of the opposite gender:
    • If neither Hero has started this quest and both have it available in their own games, when one player reaches Elise/Elliot the other may appear to join the other Hero.
    • The second player's companion will vanish when they leave the game but will appear in theirs as if they completed the quest.
  • If you take too long to start the quest, it will not activate and you will not be able to marry Ellise/Elliot.
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